We offer lessons for every age and level, both individual and groups

Music Lessons

Individual lessons

Individual lessons usually have duration of half an hour or an hour a week.

During these lessons, both instrument and some theory are taught. All this from a practical and entertaining standpoint, by a completely customized way depending on the age and needs of each student.

In case of support lessons for conservatory students, lessons will be focused in help to improve all subjects and more exhaustively in those ones that they could need more help.

These classes are an important complement and support to the professional music studies, as they help students to perform better and up note in their studies and answer their possible doubts and questions individually.


Group lessons

Musical Initiation:

Musical Initiation lessons are aimed at children from 3 to 5 years old. Lessons are taught an hour-a-week in reduced groups (It can be two hours in two different days if the entire group wants)

The main target of this course is to bring music closer to children through a didactic program appropriate to their age, in a way that they have fun while learning. Some of the activities of this course are:

  • Rhythmic games
  • Musical games
  • Intonation
  • Auditions and dances
  • Voiced stories
  • Knowledge of different instruments
  • Introduction to Piano
  • Introduction to music theory


Instrument lessons in group are a fun way to learn, especially for young and children. They have an hour a week duration.

Groups are so reduced, between 2 and 4 pupils, in the way that apart from the common activities (both theory and practical), it is always possible to have an individually part of lesson to each one of students.

Musical language

Musical language lessons are one hour a week duration and are aimed at students of all ages who want to deepen and strengthen the more theorists’ aspects of music: rhythmic musical reading, intonation, dictation, harmony, music theory, harmonic and formal analysis, etc.


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